Deimos Alliance PVP

About us

We are a competitive raiding guild. This would be placed on the spectrum somewhere between semi-hardcore and hardcore. We won’t be wasting time with trash pre-clears, practicing raids on a PTR, or going for server firsts at 5 AM, but we will be raiding at a higher level than guilds that fall under the semi-hardcore classification. What we want is a smooth experience where everyone comes prepared with the necessary consumables. We will aim to keep costs down through organization and efficiency, as we all have better things to do than farm gold just to waste it on pointless wipes. 

The officers are established to support our members to become the best and most effective players they can be, and consequently build a stronger guild. We will provide you with a stable raiding environment, quality banter, and overall good times.  While we don’t expect everyone to never make a mistake or be at the top of DPS meters right away, we do expect a willingness to improve over time, learn from mistakes, and be open to constructive criticism. Our officer core and other members have a considerable amount of knowledge about the game and will help you grow as a raider.  

Guild & Raid Structure


Our raid times are Tuesday and Sunday 8:30-11:30 EST. Members are expected to be punctual, prepared, and show up focused and ready to take down any content we have planned for the night. Organization for each raid will be set up beforehand and a document with the roster assignments will be posted in the #raid-setup discord channel. It is important that you let us know ahead of time if you cannot make it or will be late. While perfect attendance is desired, we do understand that life gets in the way sometimes. 


The loot will be distributed via Loot Council. There will be a sheet viewable by all members of the guild, which tracks loot and class priority to ensure everyone has an idea of where loot is going before it drops. Our goal is to prevent disagreements, while simultaneously optimizing loot distribution.  


Guild ranks will be Officer, Raider, Member, and Trial. The trial period will last for 3 weeks of raiding, at the end of which the trial will be evaluated; if the decision is made for a promotion, the player will become a Raider to share equal eligibility for loot with officers and other raiders. Members are eligible for raid slots and loot, but not have priority over Raiders.

Contact us

With all that said, we hope <Deimos> sounds like the right guild for you. Please apply using the link above, and feel free to direct any questions to Starecase#8347 or Reps#6656 on Discord.